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Fatal error: Cannot redeclare the_post_thumbnail_caption()

We have fixed the issue and have uploaded updated files to ThemeForest, please login to your account and download the latest version of the Tipi theme.

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  • maryam started the conversation

    hello. I installed this them and I have 3 question.

    1. How is it possible to not have all the categories including the child one in the blog page? I prefer to only have the parent one as it looks so messy when I have all of them!

    2. For navigating menu,what is the better option than using categories? Now for my custom menu I'm using some categories so by clicking on those categories the reader can have access to that especial topic. Do you know a better way?( The problem with this solution is all the categories  are shown in the blog page and it doesn't look good.,)

    3.how can I delete this sentence in the them as it is irrelevant to my blog?

    A tipi (also tepee and teepee) is a conical tent, traditionally made of animal skins, and wooden poles. The tipi was used by the nomadic tribes of the Great Plains.

    Thank you and be happy:)

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    Michael replied


    1) There is no option to not include the child categories, the only way would be to use CSS to hide them. If you want this I can supply the css code you will need to add.

    2) Are you able to send a link to your site?

    3) You can edit that in the Homepage Items, click on the block you are using for displaying the blog, then edit the Blog Description

    Hope that helps.

    Many thanks

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